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    Job for Web Developer at ITSec, Karachi

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    Job for Web Developer at ITSec, Karachi Empty Job for Web Developer at ITSec, Karachi

    Post  reena on Wed Mar 17, 2010 12:27 am

    The candidate shall be responsible for designing website templates and convert them in to CSS based web pages for US based clients.

    Qualification & Experience
    (a) Candidate must be a Graduate degree holder
    (b) At least 2 years experience in web designing.

    Skills required
    (1) Good Command over
    · Adobe Photoshop
    · Dreamweaver
    · HTML
    · XHTML
    (2) Expert Level in CSS Coding
    (3) Moderate Java Script experience
    (4) Must have a sound portfolio and good Web design sense
    (5) Knowledge of Web 2.0 standards
    (6) Must have good Quality Control skills

    Candidates may send their CV to the following address

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