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    Meera's mom in politics

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    Meera's mom in politics Empty Meera's mom in politics

    Post  reena on Wed Mar 03, 2010 10:43 pm

    Here is news item that most of you will enjoy reading. Our very own Meera, the gal who never ceases to disappoint, oops surprise..... I mean startle, is again in the news. However, this time it's different. She has not done anything wacky or zany or goofy to get herself in the sports light. Instead it's her mother (whose name it's said is Shafqat) who was being talked about on a TV channel the other day.
    Well, the khabar is that Meera's mom is taking a keen interest in politics and intends to take part in the local bodies elections. She has not aligned herself to any political party and wants to be a contender as an independent candidate.Laughing Evil or Very Mad
    Hmmm..... if Meera tags along with her mother during the latter's election campaign she may get a great many votes.
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