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    Adnan sami: no self-control

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    Adnan sami: no self-control Empty Adnan sami: no self-control

    Post  salamoo on Fri Feb 05, 2010 1:43 pm

    What's wring with this guy? He lives in Pakistan, gets married, then gets divorced, leaves country, reach India, gains mammoth weight, ties the knot gain, has a tiff with the second wife, loses weight... you can go on and on.
    Adnan sami: no self-control Adnan_sami
    Now listen to this, During a trial screening of Ken Ghosh-directed Chance Pe Dance Adnan Sami came to the cinema hall in a tipsy state. He settled into a seat and then put his legs up right on the chair that was in front of his. This irritated the chap sitting in that seat (Who is the son of an ACP) and a verbal ding-dong ensued. The entire cinema house got disrupted as the showdown carried on for some time. The guy called up the police which waited for Adnan to step out of the hall. Once it happened the police let the singer go after a few soft warnings. But he wouldn't stop. Adnan-the-beefy-Sami-Khan then ran towards the bloke he had an issue with and reignited the fight. What happened next.... well the details are still pouring in.
    Tch tch tch ....... disturbed soul. Needs some soothing music in his life.
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