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    Mallika covers up

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    Mallika covers up Empty Mallika covers up

    Post  reena on Tue Jan 26, 2010 3:08 am

    The name Mallika Sherawat conjures up the image of a lissome beauty, partially clad, and wholly attuned to juicing publicity.
    This time Mallika is in the news for covering up. What?! Yes, it's true. Vikram Lamba, Mallika's brother (Sherawat is her ex-husband's last name) stopped his sister from wearing a skin-coloured bikini for a scene.

    Lamba stepped in during a shoot of Hissss, the Jennifer Lynch movie that Mallika stars in a naagin. The shoot was happening last week near Mumbai and Mallika had a naked body double next to her. Lynch was shooting close-ups of Mallika leaning against a tree, when Lamba interrupted the shoot with his shouting. "My sister will not wear such a transparent bikini," he announced. The shoot was then halted for some time while co-producer Govind Menon tried to convinced Lamba. But because he is the producer of the movie, Lamba put his foot down.
    Mallika covers up 25-01mallika-sherawat
    Mallika intervened to say that she wasn't uncomfortable wearing the skimpy thing (and it's hardly the first time). “I am ok with the suit," she told him, "it's not vulgar and I have a body double for the shot so don’t be angry.” Said Mallika.

    But that failed to move Lamba and he only let the shoot continue when Mallika took the bikini off and slipped into a skin-coloured body suit, which wasn't as transparent as the old costume.
    “The shoot was halted for two hours as Govind tried to assure Vikram," said a source on the set.

    Hisss was supposed to be in post-production, but apparently still has some shooting left and is expected to release in India this year.

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